Why Dublin…Why Not?

One winter afternoon an independent movie about an Irish singer trying to make his mark on the music industry was on and I found myself watching for no better reason than it was what was on. The film took place in Dublin, a place I never reaTemple_Bar_Cloud_Detail_11x17_IMG_3555_edited-1lly thought about traveling to. Much of the film was recorded in the Temple Bar area of Dublin, an area I knew nothing about in a city I knew very little about. The question arose, how about a trip to Dublin? Why Dublin was what I kept asking. I picked up some travel books and researched some of the history of Dublin and Ireland in general and thought it sounds interesting enough but is that enough. Being a photography enthusiast my next step was to seek out anything of photographic interest. I saw pictures of Dublin Castle, Saint Patricks Cathedral and then I found my reason to go. The Temple Bar. The iconic red bar sitting in the middle of the Temple Bar District of Dublin since 1840. I know its been photographed millions of times but it was an image I had to capture for myself. I’m not sure what drew me to it and i’m still not sure. While in Dublin I realized that this island of Ireland has been through quite a bit during its history. Invasions, religious unrest, political unrest, colonization, rebellion, famine and the list goes on. Their fight for independence was quite captivating and is told perfectly in an exhibit at the Little museum of Dublin. With every turn a new insight to the people and city was told until by the end of the visit a much clearer picture of the historical picture of the people and city unfolded. I had a fantastic time during my stay and am glad to share a few of my photographic memories here.

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